Information about cookies

What cookies are?

Cookies are small text informations, sent by WWW server and saved in your profile on your computer (usually in the clipboard of specific browser you use). Typically, cookies are very useful, through them your personal settings on our page are remembered and we can maintain statistics on our web site.

Overall, cookies are most commonly used for counters, pools, sites which require login, advertisements and to monitor the activity of visitors.
Informations stored by cookies files can also be used to collect data about you for marketing purposes. For example: if you often visit pages about health, you could see more advertisements about this eg. health centre banners.


This web site stores cookie files on your computer. More specifically – in the clipboard of specific browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or others.

Through them we know how many users visit our web site and which content is the most useful.

If you think that the presence of cookies violates your privacy, you can always turn them off.

How to turn off cookie?

In Mozilla Firefox browser
Go to Tools in the menu bar
Click on Options
Click on the Privacy tab
Disable the box that says “Accept Cookies From sites” (you can choose which sites would be allowed to store informations and which would be disabled)

In Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
Go to Tools in the menu bar
Click on Internet Options
Click on the Privacy tab on top
Move the slider up to the “Block all Cookies” button

In Google Chrome browser
Click on the spanner icon in the top right of the browser
Click on “Options”
Click on “Under the Bonnet” (UK) / “Under the Hood” (US)
Click on the “Content settings” button in the Privacy section
Ensure that “Allow local data to be set” is selected
Select “Block sites from setting any data”

In Apple Safari browser
Go to the Safari menu (icon in top right of browser) and select Preferences
In the popup window that appears, select the Security icon (a padlock)
Under “Accept Cookies”, select the “Never” button

In mobiles, tablets and other mobile devices
Each mobile phone or tablet can operate this function in a different way. Therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy options in the manual or on the website of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

If you want to know more about cookies, please go to Wikipedia.